The World Tour of Granity ends in choreomania

They came from near, they came from far and they danced the night away.
Here for ‘The World Tour of Granity’, Selwyn-based bands Algal Bloom and Veranda Cocktail raised the roof to a massive crowd from across the West Coast and even some from further afield!

Veranda Cocktail opened the evening from a more intimate corner of the theatre with a fantastic selection of songs and got us in the mood for a great night. They even played some pieces from the Shrek soundtrack to raucous applause. 

Veranda Cocktail by Timmi Aplin-Barrett

Veranda Cocktail - Photo credit: Timmi Aplin-Barrett

Then, the main lights dimmed and Algal Bloom took to the stage. Heralded with great cheers and clapping, the multi-talented 5-piece band brought their drums, guitars and a massive array of wind and brass instruments. Algal Bloom covered every era of music loved by all and it wasn’t long before the crowd was on its feet.

Algal Bloom 2 by Timmi Aplin-Barrett

Algal Bloom - Photo credit: Timmi Aplin-Barrett

We left the tables and chairs behind, moving to the dance floor in front of the stage and boogied the night away. From Bryan Adams to Harry Styles, RnB to rock and a little bit of everything in between, there was a song for everyone to get excited about. We even saw our very own host, Wilma get up on stage at one point with the band and lead the way with a tambourine and some fabulous vocals. 

The atmosphere was electric and we shouted the band back on stage several times before they finally called it a night. As we filtered out from the theatre and into the moonlight, all anyone could talk about was how much fun it was. We could have partied long into the early hours of the morning but, alas, they’re only human! 

A huge thank you to Veranda Cocktail, Algal Bloom, the roadies and supporters. You truly brought life, light and groove into our little world of Granity.

Stefan Poem