"A versatile cultural haven with Art Deco charm"

historical roots

  1. Built in 1958 by the Granity Silver Band and a community volunteer work-force, The Lyric Theatre embodies a rich history deeply connected to the identity of the local community.

  2. Constructed from native timbers sourced from forests in the region, it stands as a symbol of community pride and resilience.
  3. The ethos of 'built by the community to serve the community' echoes through the decades, shaping the venue's identity as a cultural cornerstone.

versatility and purpose

  • The Lyric Theatre offers a diverse array of events, ensuring a vibrant cultural tapestry:
live entertainment

  • The stage comes alive with dynamic performances spanning music, theatre, and comedy, showcasing both local and international talent.

performing arts

  • A dedicated space for the performing arts, fostering creativity and providing a platform for artistic expression.

weddings and ceremonies

The Lyric Theatre provides an enchanting backdrop for weddings and ceremonies, blending historical charm with the natural beauty of the wild West Coast.

community markets

The venue hosts community markets, supporting local artisans, makers, craftspeople and vendors, creating a vibrant community atmosphere.

community meeting space

Serving as a communal hub, the venue accommodates meetings, workshops, and collaborative initiatives, aligning with its community-centric ethos.


art deco inspired design

The interior fit-out, lighting, and spatial design of The Lyric Theatre draw inspiration from the Art Deco period. This deliberate design choice infuses the venue with elegance, paying homage to a distinctive era in architectural history.


The largest indoor venue in Northern Buller, The Lyric Theatre accommodates up to 434 attendees, ensuring a comfortable and inclusive environment for events of all sizes.

kitchen & licensed bar

Equipped for functions, the commercial kitchen serves a daytime cafĂ©, providing a culinary haven for daytime visitors. For evening events, a licensed bar complements the experience, offering a selection of beverages to enhance social gatherings.

costume department

A large and well-curated costume department adds a unique dimension, providing resources for theatrical productions and enhancing creative expression.


The venue is designed to be inclusive, ensuring that all community members, including those with mobility challenges, can fully participate in events.

community ethos

The enduring success of The Lyric Theatre is a testament to its commitment to community service. The venue continues to thrive as a result of its unwavering dedication to serving and enriching the lives of the local community.

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