The unmissable show you might have missed

Our most recent major show, ‘Genre Fluid’, was an instant crowd favourite. “Best music event at The Lyric this season” according to some.

The high-energy, rock/funk anthems were delivered by empirically sensational vocalist Max Duncan (Silk Satin Suede) and reinforced with live-looped guitar, bass and drum machine by extraordinary instrumentalist (and sultan of smooth) Bo Ade-Simpson (Bosho). The prowess of the duo combined to showcase improvised theatrical antics, paired with a sonic landscape of wildly dance-able anthems.

And dance we did.

Genre Fluid - Captured by Phil Hyde - DagsyFM

The dynamic duo were quick to whip the audience into a frenzy. Theatrical performance captivated and enthralled. Improvised, rhapsodic medleys thrummed off the walls while a near-feverish crowd of 50 music-lovers thronged front-of-stage, savouring every chord.

The first half of the show was 90% improvised with Bo reflecting afterwards that they feed off the energy from the crowd.
“We insist on house lights being switched off, both to draw a little drama but also seeing faces in the crowd can sometimes throw off our concentration - we treat each show like we’re just on-stage without an audience, it’s easier to find our groove this way.”
Bo also wore sunglasses during his performance, adding a layer of complexity to live-looping and hitting the drum machine, the symphonic sound-scapes they create seeming all the more hard-won and taking the duo’s well-practiced talents into a new stratosphere.

The second half of the set was a selection of ultra-cool tracks from their 2023 debut album, ‘The Groova Meista’, some of which were shared widely across social media during promotion of their tour and resultantly, instantly recognisable as immediate crowd-favourites.

We weren’t ready for the show to end, of course and after a few minutes of the audience shouting encore they dived right in and delivered one of their smoothest rock ballads to wrap up the night.

Genre Fluid - Captured by Phil Hyde - DagsyFM

Members of the audience who stuck around for a meet and greet after the show (and to wish Max a happy birthday and share a slice of cake) could be heard comparing the duo to the likes of Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Talking Heads to name a few. One of them even told me it was the best show they’d experienced in the past decade.

This show happened to be the final event away from home of their 20-location, small-town, NZ tour, with 3 more shows back on home soil in Nelson/Tasman over the coming weeks, presented by Arts on Tour NZ. Consequently, with Max’s birthday the same night of this show, I have it on good authority, Granity’s Lyric Theatre was one of their favourite venues and (with a bit of luck) they’ll be back again in Summer.

You won’t want to miss them twice.

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