Let’s get QUIZZICAL!

Do you watch The Chase?

Hosted by the very amusing Bradley Walsh, it is a quiz show where aspiring pub quizzers go up against quizzing experts, known as Chasers, hoping to walk away with lots of cash. And guess what? If you have ever thought you might like to appear on The Chase, The Lyric Theatre just might be the practice forum for your future success! Just come along to one of our Quiz Nights!!

Okay… so we don’t provide thousands of dollars of cash, and the prizes are somewhat humble compared to the actual TV show (to be honest, the prizes are something you’d see in the homewares section of your local op shop), but it is still an opportunity to practice, hone your quizzing skills, and go up against some of the biggest brainiacs Buller has to offer.

Hosted by Martin and Nicki, tables of 4-6 people write down answers to questions in ten unique categories. Each team can choose its own bonus round, where they get double points for all questions correctly answered. This time we had questions in categories including Geography, Science and Nature, History, Arts & Literature, Sport, to name but a few… and a left-field category dubbed “Yellow”, where all questions were about yellow things – or songs, people, places… very unusual, but highly entertaining.

We had a special prize on this occasion for the winners of the ‘Yellow round” - a double pass to our next major event – Genre Fluid, who will play at The Lyric on Sunday March 24th. It was won by Christopher and his partner, members of the team that also placed first on the night.

Martin provides his own particular brand of humour, to compare with Bradley Walsh. His jokes are much more homegrown, but always delivered dead-pan and land well every time.

The Quiz nights are a bi-monthly event, so they provide an interesting and challenging point of difference to enjoy a Friday evening. As it is held in the ‘snug’ section of the theatre (a more intimate setting, for those hard of hearing), seating is limited, and the space was more or less packed out for the Quiz on March 8th.

Having been to a few of these events now, I am beginning to recognize people who play regularly, so we may develop some really good quizzers in the community in time. Certainly, the breadth of knowledge around the tables continues to surprise.

So whether you are an aspiring pub quizzer, enjoy general knowledge games such as Trivial Pursuit or just yearn for an opportunity to flex your cognitive skills (and impress or disappoint a team of your peers), our Quiz nights provide a bit of education, a bit of competition and a lot of fun.

We hope to see you again soon at the next Quiz Night, here at The Lyric Theatre.

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