In recognition of Annie – Artist Liaison

As our Artist Liaison and Event Coordinator, Annie is the first point of contact for visiting performers, negotiating venue hire, booking dates and theatre seating arrangements. Further to this, she welcomes performers on arrival with freshly baked scones, quiche or soups with focaccia breads, providing a warm, inviting and friendly experience. On most nights you'll find her at the ticket booth - extending the same generous welcome to each attendee as they enter the theatre.

Annually Blumhardt Foundation Trustees present Gifts to encourage an establishing artist and a mid-career artist whose craft/object practices are outstanding and have garnered the admiration and respect of peers, sector leaders and institutions.

Annie was awarded the gift on the strength of her exhibition ‘Genuine Article’ at the Sarjeant Gallery which featured intricate new woven works inspired by the paintings of Edith Collier and Joanna Margaret Paul, and the Whanganui Woollen Mills. Annie is an active maker that shows commitment to the history of craft in Aotearoa.

Receipt of this award and recognition of her work has drawn focus back to Annie’s artistic pursuits which had fallen by the wayside over the past few months due to the significant effort in building momentum with events at The Lyric Theatre and playing a vital governance role on the theatre's committee. While Annie is committed to continuing as our artist liaison and event coordinator, she has made the well-considered decision to step away from the committee to refocus once again on her artistic direction.

We couldn’t be prouder of her and are incredibly grateful for the ongoing commitment to her role and contribution to the theatre.

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Photo credit: Davey Marshall

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