A Jolly Good Song and Dance

Excellent music paired with delicious food arrived on Saturday the 6th of April for The Lyric Theatre 'SPEAKEASY - Harvest Potluck'.

The evening kicked off with a delightful table of food contributed by attendees and accompanied by a great collection of acapella tunes from the Nelson Barbershop Quartet. Jeremy Matthews gave us the melody, John West brought the baritone, Rob Ord delivered the bass and Bridgette Byrne provided the tenor. Together, they encouraged everyone to let their hair down, shake their tail feathers and thoroughly enjoy the evening.

Captured by Phil Hyde

We were thrilled to see the incredibly savvy Girlesque group from Venus Studios who danced the stage away. Led by Lynne Duncan, the performers comprised: Lisa Alsweiler, Shannon Platt, Ruby Van Der Jagt, Aubree Pablecheque and Lilly Bell (credit to Rylee Duncan for choreography) the dancers delighted everyone with their sassy moves. Lynne also got everyone on their feet and taught the Charleston which was met with considerable laughter, thorough enjoyment and the delight at learning something new.


In fact, we were so inspired by the speakeasy, workshop and the skills that had been bestowed upon us that The Lyric Theatre is proud to announce the formation of Torea Tones! Thanks to the Nelson Barbershop Quartet, Desna, Sabine and our very own Wilma, we are aiming to bring together like minded folks from around Northern Buller and sing to our hearts content. Rob from the quartet has graciously agreed to bring his skill to our group and lead us in our mission to create our very own heavenly harmonies. So come on down to the theatre every Sunday, kicking off at 1pm, to get singing!

Big shout out to all the performers and everyone who attended both the speakeasy and the workshop. Your presence truly makes the theatre a delightful place to be. Here’s to many, many more!

Torea tones poster concept 2