NBS Theatre paves yellow brick road to Granity’s Lyric Theatre

Westport’s NBS Theatre has extended the use of its ticketing system to Granity’s Lyric Theatre, offering a much-needed capacity increase and reducing a key barrier to attendance.
With strong familial ties to the Granity township, the NBS Theatre’s manager, Debbie Crackett, has been wanting to offer meaningful support to The Lyric Theatre for many years.

After seeing the Lyric’s number of events quadruple in the past few months, Mrs. Crackett identified the opportunity for a shared ticketing system and the benefits it would provide.
“Westport residents will now be able to pre-purchase tickets for events at The Lyric Theatre directly from the Box Office at the NBS Theatre in Westport, without needing a credit card or access to the internet” Mrs Crackett says.

Chair of The Lyric Theatre, Granity, Inc. Carlos de Treend, who is also responsible for marketing and promotion of events is thrilled with the proposal, which removes one of several barriers to attendance.
Mr. de Treend says: “We are most grateful to Debbie and the NBS Theatre team for their support and recognition of our efforts towards keeping performing arts and culture alive in this region. The NBS Theatre’s promotion of our events additionally signals that relationships and collaboration borne from shared values benefit both parties, we really couldn’t be more chuffed."

"There's long been a road from Westport to Granity, but thanks to the NBS Theatre it is now paved with yellow bricks.”

From 16 April, tickets for The Lyric Theatre events can be purchased directly from Westport’s NBS Theatre, as well as online by following the links on the Lyric Theatre and NBS Theatre websites. This change in procedure will not incur any additional costs to users or ratepayers.

The next event available for pre-purchase is ‘The Goblin Te Tupua’, written and performed by John G Davies and presented by Arts On Tour NZ, which will be showing at The Lyric Theatre on Saturday 25 May.

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